We want to transform your Accounts Payable team into an automated unit where payments are made intelligently, securely, and efficiently to lower their workload and free them up for additional tasks.

  • Industry-leading platform that is fully integrable into most existing ERP systems
  • Dedicated representatives for on-boarding and ongoing support
  • Immediate ROI- no downtime or cost with transaction rebates allowing you to turn your AP into a revenue generator
  • Vendors are contacted by us to on-board them (30-40% success rate with over 70,000 vendors are already enrolled)

Some of the tools that will be used include:

  • Virtual credit cards that are used for a single transaction increase security and streamline reconciliation
  • Ghost credit cards are virtual cards assigned to a single supplier or recurring payment over a long period of time
  • ACH payments and physical checks are issued by your partner when a vendor requires it

Please contact us to learn more about how this service can help add to your organization’s bottom line.