Your business might well be your employee’s first access to financial services. You can offer a free voluntary benefit to eliminate the cycle of financial hardship, debt, and stigma that often goes unseen in the workplace – yet dramatically affects employee performance.

  • 85% are anxious about their financial situation
  • 80% deal with income volatility on a weekly basis
  • 75% have less than $500 saved to deal with an emergency
  • $20 is the average expense that causes an overdraft fee for an employee

If you could offer assistance to your staff for these issues at no cost, imagine what it would do for their loyalty and tenure.

  • No payroll integrations or prefunding needed
  • Employees sign up on their smart phones (adoption rates of 90+%, engagement rates of 97% on employee communications)
  • Scale labor in real-time to meet your needs (increased shift coverage rates of 20%)
  • Unlock “people data” to make better decisions about your most important asset

Please contact us to learn more about how this service can help add to your organization’s bottom line.