Cyber Security Training

It’s not a matter of if your organization will experience a cyber breach, but when and what the damage will be. The most vulnerable aspect of cyber security is not firewalls and servers.  Ransomware, the #1 cybercrime, can strike at a moment’s notice and cripple an organization.  It enters through human error.  The only way to combat Ransomware is to train all employees who use company technology.

Facility Safety Team Training

If the physical security at your facility is compromised by an active shooter or other threat, how prepared is your security team? Do they know how to profile and identify potential threats?  Can they safely escort a threat that is non-cooperative off campus without compromising their safety or the safety of those around them?  How skilled are they in defending close combat knife attacks?

Executive Protection

When your high profile executives travel, do they have personal security? If so, how skilled are they to identify threats and act quickly to get the executive to safety?  How sharp are their skills?

Hoffman Risk Control recognizes that security training must be engaging, relevant, and cutting edge to be retained so that it is put to use when needed the most.  Training must also be ongoing and regular because all skills diminish with time.  Because of this, we have developed partnerships to bring our clients state-of-the-art training through high caliber instructors.    Our cybercrime instructors work with US law enforcement while our physical safety trainers are Israeli-trained.

Please contact us to learn more about how to secure your organization.