Electric Rates

Every business accepts utility costs as a necessity.  After services are secured, utility bills are paid monthly for years without a second look.  What if there were a way to save with your current provider?  Over 10,000 organizations from the US Army Corps of Engineers to more than 40 school boards are working with this partner to lower their electric costs.

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Accounts Payable

The larger a business, the more employee hours that are dedicated to paying bills every month.  Despite being in a digital age, about 2/3 of businesses are still processing Accounts Payable manually via check or ACH.  There is a secret that companies from Uline to the Texas Rangers use to not only automate Accounts Payable, but turn AP into a revenue source as well.

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Employee Pay

Many of your hourly employees are living day-to-day financially.  Periodically, they are forced to turn to credit cards or Payday loans with exorbitant interest rates in order to meet a financial challenge.  What if you as an employer could give them instant access to the pay they’ve already earned (at no cost to you) so that they can take care of the situation?  Companies like UPS, JP Morgan, and Lowe’s are already taking advantage of this to increase employee loyalty and decrease employee turnover.

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Shipping On Your Terms

  • What if every package going out your door was costing more than it should? 
  • Does your TMS handle parcel packages? 
  • Do you pay a monthly fee for your TMS? 

Would you like to save 15% on your shipping?  We can quickly let you know if you qualify and begin the conversation about savings.

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Most healthcare benefit brokers put you and your employees into a plan that is already designed. 

  • What if the plan was designed based on the specific needs and characteristics of your workforce? 
  • What if pharmacy costs for your staff could fall by 20%? 
  • What if there was information your broker didn’t want you to know that could save you significantly?

Please reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and analysis. 

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