Electric Rates

Power providers offer many complex rates and usually consider rate choice to be the customer's responsibility.  You may be overpaying based on how you use power.

Would you like to have your rates optimized without cost?


Most Accounts Payable in the business world is still done with manual checks or ACH transfers. This is not only time consuming but results in significant fraud as well.

What if A/P could be automated to save time, virtually eliminate fraud and even generate revenue?


Are your shipments frequently delayed? Do you pay excessive shipping surcharges? Did you know that carrier exclusivity does not normally result in the lowest cost or best service?

Imagine if your shipping team was able to shop carrier rates in real-time, ensuring the lowest possible shipping costs.

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Employee Healthcare

Are rising healthcare costs limiting your business' ability to grow?  Most brokers select healthcare plans from a set of limited options that don't fully take your population into account.

Would you like to have a custom healthcare plan designed with your employees in mind?

Telecom/ISP Expenses

Are you being charged premium prices for yesterday's telecom solutions?  Do you feel taken advantage of by your telecom/ ISP provider?


What if a team of experts could quickly evaluate your existing telecom needs and make sure you are not overpaying?

Tax Incentives

Tax incentives are offered in many industries and can be created with little to no notice. CPAs are often too focused on critical tasks to become experts on tax incentives.

Are you sure you are not leaving money on the table with the IRS?


Hoffman Risk Control serves a wide array of clientele spanning many industries. Some of our focus areas are municipalities, education, hospitality and restaurants. Please inquire directly for references in your specific industry or geographic area.

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